Wealth Management

Wealth Management and Financial Planning

Ira Mandel provides retirement and financial planning, and wealth management through Wealth Management Advisers LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor, (https://www.wmadvisersllc.com/).

Ira’s goal is to provide independent and objective guidance.  We start by understanding your goals and feelings about money. What are your dreams, fears, prior experience and risk tolerance in money management? We then analyze your current statements to understand where you are.  We can then put together a plan for where you want to go and help you execute that plan. We can monitor your plan performance over time, making recommendations as needed to keep you on track.  You will feel you are taking charge of your financial life and working towards achieving your financial goals.

Some common goals include:

  • Creating a financial plan/ budgeting / cash flow/ debt management / reducing expenses
  • Understanding your current financial position and investments
  • Retirement planning
  • Analyzing whether you should move your 401K from a prior employer’s plan
  • Receiving fixed monthly payments to supplement your income
  • Investment planning, asset allocation and management
  • Estate planning including obtaining a will
  • Education planning
  • Buying a home and getting a mortgage
  • Dealing with newly received lump sums:
    • Divorce settlement
    • Inheritance
    • Injury Settlements
    • Jury Awards